1,420.00 Ex VAT



• Industrial Heavy duty Steel Cattle Scales, Galvanised.
• Stainless Steel Weight Terminal. Mains and battery operated.
• Manufactured in Ireland by Barrett Engineering Ltd, to fit inside a cattle crush.
• Durable scales, using Stainless Steel load cells with waterproof IP    Rating.
• Standard Size: 8ft x 26”
• Barrett Engineering Ltd can customise the scales to any particular width or length.
• Capacity: 2000 kg = 4 Ton
• Increments (Accuracy): 1kg
• Fits directly to floor of cattle crush, sits 75mm from ground (approx. 3”)
• The Indicator sits inside a bracket which is attached to the cattle crush, the indicator can be removed from the cattle crush when not in use, and can be charged on the mains, comes complete with 3 pin plug. Both Battery and Mains Operated, complete with internal battery charger.
• Portable – can be lifted to use in several cattle crushes or in different yards.
• The system can work as a standalone scales, or interface to a Farm Management System. To interface the scales to a Farm Management System – POA
• Heavy duty construction and galvanised finish.
• Delivered on site, easily installed and operated.
• Financial support available under the Farm Modernisation Program