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This durable, Deluxe Dehorning Crate holds the animal in an immobile position allowing the calf to be dehorned safely and with ease for both calf and handler. The crate is on wheels allowing it to be moved to whatever location ensuring animals are calm during dehorning process.

Key Features Include:

Ratchet Push-up Anti Backing Bar and Ratchet Belly Band: These components are designed to secure the calf in an immobile position, preventing it from moving or backing up during the dehorning procedure.

Nose band and spring-loaded head locking Bar: This ensures the of the calf’s securely in place.  The noseband and spring-loaded head locking bar likely work in tandem to keep the calf’s head in a stable position, minimizing the risk of injury during the dehorning process.

Wheels: The inclusion of wheels on the crate suggests that the immobilized calf can be easily moved. This feature could be beneficial for convenience and efficiency, allowing the operator to transport the calf to the desired location for the dehorning process without releasing it from the crate.

Quick Release Front Door: The quick-release front door is a safety feature, providing a fast and easy way to open the crate and release the calf once the dehorning procedure is complete. This feature ensures a prompt and safe exit for the animal.

Internal Dimensions:

Length: 1070mm

Width: 345mm


Weight: 50kg