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CATTLE IMMOBILISER/ V SCOOPone of our most popular Farm Safety Livestock Equipment products!

This Barrett designed Cattle Immobiliser proves a safe and comfortable restrain on the animal, preventing movement of the head.

This unique V shaped head rest allows the operator to administer a  bolus or dose with ease and efficiency, reducing the risk of restriction of the airway when treating them.  This provides increased saftey for both animal and operator.

Extra Bolt on Bracket

When purchasing the head scoop, if you have more than one crush, we would advise you to purchase an extra bolt on bracket in order to be able to use the headscoop on both crushes.

Key Features Include:

  • The V Scoop can be fitted easily, 33″ from the ground to a Head Gate, Cattle Crush Post or Mobile Cattle Unit.
  • It is compatible with both H Girder & Round Bar Crushes.
  • It has a ratchet system allowing you to gently raise the head of the animal into the Scoop, providing secure cattle head control in any position.
  • Helps to keep cattle calm during stressful procedures such as AI and veterinary testing, dosing and ear tagging.
  • There is a Quick Release system should the animal need to be released quickly.
  • It is safe and easy to operate by a single handler.
  • It is dual purpose, working on both left & right hand side of the crush.
  • It is portable – Quick attach system allows it to be easily released and used elsewhere and can be moved from crush to crush.